How To Create A Static Home Page In Blogger - Tutorial

With regards to home pages, most sites can be isolated into two: static and non-static. As their name suggests, static home pages remain lasting regardless of how frequently the site is refreshed, while non-static home pages mirror the progressions that are made to the site and demonstrate the most recent posts first.

The last has turned out to be outstanding these days because of the rising prominence of individual and even corporate online journals. Be that as it may, there are as yet many individuals who incline toward static home pages since it influences their sites to look more composed and expert. It likewise gives them more control over the perusers' involvement on their site and causes them make more grounded mark mindfulness through the uniform message that their landing page presents.

Luckily, in the event that you claim a Blogger website and need to make your landing page static, you'll see that making one isn't as troublesome as it appears. You can make a static landing page in Blogger by making these strides:

static pages in Blogger

1. Make your static landing page 

The principal thing you ought to do is to make another page for your blog. This will fill in as your static landing page be that as it may, for the time being, it will look and act like some other page in your site.

To make this page, you'll have to go to the primary menu of the Blogger dashboard and tap on the "Pages" choice on the left side on the screen. Doing this will lead you to the "All Pages" menu window. Here, tap on the "New Page" catch and you'll enter a proofreader that seems to be like the Blogger Post editorial manager that you utilize when distributing another blog entry.

static landing page

At the best box, enter the title that you need for this page - for this situation, how about we call it the "Appreciated" page. In the bigger content box, sort the substance that you need to show up on your landing page; this can be a section, or two about yourself or your business and what really matters to your site.

Once you're done, click "Distribute". The window will come back to the fundamental "All Pages" menu, and you'll see the new "Welcome" page you've made. Duplicate the URL of the "Appreciated" page since you'll require it later on. To do this, right tap on the "View" interface and select 'Duplicate Connection Area' from the menu.

2. Divert the default landing page to the static one 

Once your "Appreciated" page is up, the following thing you ought to do is to change Blogger's default landing page. This includes diverting from your webpage's unique landing page to the static landing page that you've made so it would be the principal thing that individuals see when they visit your site.

To do this, you'll have to go to principle Blogger editorial manager menu, tap on "Settings" on the left half of the screen, and pick "Pursuit Inclinations". Under the "Mistakes and redirections" segment, you'll see the "Custom Sidetracks" choice with an "Alter" connect close to it. Tap on the "Alter" connection to open another window, where you'll see two boxes named "From" (with your blog's URL next to it) and "To".

In the "From" box, enter just a forward cut image "/". In the "To" box, glue the URL that you duplicated before and include the last piece of the URL of the "Appreciated" page. For example, the page's URL of our demo blog is static-home-page.blogspot.com/welcome.html, so we'll expel the "http://static-home-page.blogspot.com" address and include just "/p/welcome.html" in the "To:" box. The "/p" means that it's a static page.

Next, check the little box close to "Lasting", tap on the "Spare" content connection, and press the "Spare changes" catch. Doing these will divert your site's primary URL to its new static landing page. Access your blog on a different program to check whether it works.

3. Make tabs for your site 

In case you're not wanting to make tabs noticeable in your blog, you can stop at Step #2. In any case, in the event that you need your webpage to have tabs that demonstrate the landing page, the principle blog page, and different pages you may have, (for example, the FAQs and Get in touch with Us pages), you'll have to make another stride.

Why is this imperative? Essentially, when obvious tabs are empowered in your site, they will demonstrate that you have two existing pages: the default landing page and the new "Welcome" page you've made - both of which divert to a similar static page. This can be mistaking for your perusers and may even influence your internet searcher rankings.

To settle this, you initially need to empower tabs by heading off to the "Design" menu thing and tap on the "Include a Contraption" connect. You can include it beneath your blog header or sidebar. Much of the time, it's prudent to include it beneath blog's header since they're more noticeable and give your site a smooth, proficient look.

Once the fly up window opens, look down and tap on the "Pages" connect:

This will open another window named "Arrange Page Rundown". Here, under the "Pages to appear" area, you'll see the default landing page and your new static landing page with little boxes next to them. Uncheck the case next to the default landing page to conceal it from see, check the pages that you need to show in the menu and after that tap on the "Spare" catch to spare the progressions.

You can stop now at the same time, in the event that you need, you can likewise make a particular tab that will prompt your principle blog entry page. To do this, alter the "Pages" contraption that you simply spared and click "+ Include outer connection".

On the new window that would open, enter the title you'd like for the page, (for example, "Blog") alongside/index.html web address, at that point hit "Spare Connection" and tap the "Spare" catch on the "Design Page Rundown" window.

Presently, see your webpage and you will see the pages menu containing the "Appreciated" page and "Blog" tabs. To perceive how this functions, you can likewise visit our demo blog. Appreciate!

Last Note

Having a static landing page can be gainful for your blog. Take after the means above now to make a static landing page in Blogger!

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