Asad Sumbul

Asad Sumbul

Founder of UAFians

Who is Asad Sumbul?

Hello, my name is Asad Sumbul, aka Asad Khan - a self-taught programmer, developer and entrepreneur.

I live in Kot Addu, Punjab, Pakistan. I am currently doing my bachelor's at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (Department of Zoology). I love to create web apps and software. I am also working as a part-time freelancer with a UK web agency. I had started my agency in the past and could not give it my time because of my studies.

About the UAF GPA + CGPA Calculator

This calculator is one of the projects I created to help students calculate their GPA and CGPA without hassle.

If you have any queries about UAF GPA and CGPA Calculator or you want to report any bug, you can always contact me on my email, Facebook and Instagram.

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